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Soetsu Yanagi and Old Tamba
September 10th (Tue) - November 24th (Sun), 2019


Tamba ware is one of the oldest six kilns in Japan, and it was Soetsu Yanagi who first approved their beauty, saying 'they are the most Japanese, and they are showing the extreme of austere, subdued, and refined beauty.' This exhibition shows you jars with natural ash glazes around from 13th century, jars, pots, sake bottles, and plates with various decoration such as carved-lines from Edo period, and so on.


From the exhibition

Closed Mondays. (Except Holiday Mondays, closed the next day in this case)
Admission Adults ¥1,100.-  Students ¥600.- 
Jr.High and Elementary ¥200.-
Museum Hours 10:00-17:00(the ticket office is closed at 16:30.)