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Renovation Celebration/ Masterpieces from Our CollectionⅠ -Korean ceramics, Mokujiki sculptures, Okinawan textiles, and more
April 4th (Sun) to June 27th (Sun), 2021


Nihon Mingeikan (The Japan Folk Crafts Museum), mainly the main gallery, is being renovated to show the artifacts more beautiful with natural materials like kudzu-fu textile and Oya-stone, a return to the original concept of our museum. To celebrate this memorial renovation, we hold the exhibition of the masterpieces from our collection. Each gallery room has a theme from the title of the books by the founder Soetsu Yanagi; 'Chosun and their Arts', 'Sculptures by Mokujiki Shonin', 'The Beauty of Ceramics', 'Early Otsu-e', 'Treasures of Ryukyu', 'Objects and Aesthetics', 'Tea and Beauty', 'The Dharma Gate of Beauty'. The selected magnificent works will honorably welcome you in the renovated museum.

From the exhibition

Closed Mondays. (Except May 3rd, closed May 6th)
Admission Adults ¥1,200.-  Students ¥700.- Jr.High and Elementary ¥200.-
Museum Hours 10:00-17:00(the ticket office is closed at 16:30.)